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What a Wonder

Lord Jagannath Temple has been constructed by Emami Group in Balasore. This Temple has been erected with architectural skill in combination with World famous Konark Temple and Chariot Nandighosh. The Temple seems as if the Horses are ready to pull the Chariot with royal look and the bottom part of the temple spells out the story of Konark. The Chakanayan Look of the Deity from Garva Gruha makes emotional in the heart of devotees. The architectural touch of Odia Architects have made the stone lively.

The Devotees become emotional beholding the Emami Jagannatha Temple at par looking at wonders of the world Konark temple. The eyes of Devotee are kept hours with Nila Neta & Nilachal Natha within the sound of shell blew and Ghanta Nada. The atmosphere is like that of Konark-Puri. Chandan Tulasi, Dhupa Dipa, Opening of Mandir gate, Mangal Arati, Evening Arati, Khata Sejalagi rituals etc. seems like Srikhetra. The Mandir Campus is always crowded with devotees from near & far. Devotees are witnessing the Deities without any obstacles. The chanting of Jagannatha Swami in Jagannath temple has made the Emami premises blessed (Dhanya).

About construction of the Temple

Remuna is near to Balasore Town. At a little distance Natabar Nagar Lord Khira Chora Gopinatha is located. The Gopinath Mandir was constructed by Langula Narasingha Dev as mark of victory over Banga. Emami paper Mills was established in the Balgopalpur Industrial Estate in 1982 a glaring pillar of progress in the locality. A promise was taken by the management of Emami Group to construct a Jagannath temple. Sri Radheshyam Agarwal & Sri Radheshyam Goenka, Jt.Chairmen of Emami Group entrusted the responsibility on a renowned Architect & Padambibhushan Sri Raghunath Mohapatra to construct the Temple. Sri Raghunatha Mohapatra prepared the sketch map of this splendid sculpture. He dreamt to build this temple in a very extra ordinary architectural manner.

He made out plan to construct a beautiful temple in architectural combination of Konark Temple and Nadigosh Ratha. The new architectural thought made everybody delighted. Planning begin to construct temple and its boundary over 3.5 Acre of land. To make the dream true, in the later part of 2009, Sri Ragunatha Mohapatra started work at Bhubaneswar with 30 skilled architects. Under the guidance of Sri Raghunath Mohapatra, the architects put on to stone carving work day & night. Lotus blossomed at the hammer stroke of Architects on stone. The carved stones brought from Bhubaneswar by Truck and started stone joint work one over another in a very architectural manner. The temple of Goddesses Mahalaxmi along with other God & Goddess are found in the temple premises like Puri Temple. The Temple is carved with beautiful dancing girls and other idols. The temple was completed in the first part of 2015. Temple Inaugural function was held from 27 th of November to 29 th November of that year in a very spiritual atmosphere. Discussion everywhere that Srikhetra is in our area. The place is crowded with huge assemble of devotes turning to Jana Samudra. Bada Thakura enthroned on the Ratana Bedi along with Sudarsan, Brother & Sister.

Temple Managing Committee

The Chief priest of the temple is Sri Pradeep Kumar Mishra. The Total number of priest is seven and assistant are three. Like that 7 Sebayats are also being engaged. It is told upon by the management authority that all rituals are being performed like Srikhetra Puri.

A few words from Padmbibhusan and Architect Sri Raghunath Mohapatra:-
The Emami Jagannath Temple construction design is the mixed art of Konark temple and Nandighosh Ratha. Some architectural design of Konark Temple has got place in the Emami Jagannath temple. Thousands of Architects of our area are engaged in temple construction work in Gujarat & Rajasthan. Whatever architectural monuments built by our ancestors needs to be renovated. The government should act upon on it.

Architectural design of Temple construction.

The magical and dazzling architectural design of Surya Temple has got place at the bottom of the Temple. The Temple is so skillfully designed as if, it has been placed on sixteen Wheels and driven by four horses. The height of the Temple is seventy five fit and seems to be touched with green sky. The walls of the Temple have been decorated with Baula Mala stone and Sahan stone with a wonderful combination of beautiful handicraft. Black Granites have been fixed inside the temple. The Temple is having four gates and the Garuda pillar is at the main gate (Singha Dwar). The temple is having Mukhasala, Nata Mandir, Garva Gruha (Main temple). The Kala Thakura has been placed on the Ratna Singhasan. The Nila Chakra is at Dadhi Nauti and the  Patitapabana Bana (flag) is flying over. Among the architectural sculpture there are Dasha Digapal, Naba Graha, Dasha Avatar, Deva Dashi, Naga, Gandharva, Kinhar, Naga Loka, Deva Loka etc. It has been constructed in the frame work of Pancha Ratha. A Chariot (Three head Temple), two chariot, three chariot (Mukteswar), Five Chariot (Puri Sree Mandir), Sapta Ratha (Konark Temple) etc are found in the architectural design of the Temple. Besides, other God and Goddesses like Laxmi Narayan, Hara Parbati, Ganesh. Kartik, Hanuman are found in the temple sculpture. Beautiful scripture, Girls on dancing pose and different animals  have been carved on the stone of the Temple.

A brief report about Temple:-

Height : 75 fit
Founder : Emami Group
Shilpi : Padmabibhushan Sri Raghunath Mohapatra
Construction Period : 2009 to 2015
Special effect : Mixed design of Konark Temple & Nandighosh Ratha of Lord Jagannatha